Direct financial assistance​ for mothers in distress


Direct financial assistance for single mothers in distress

Mama Moya distributes pre-paid, pin protected cash cards to vulnerable moms in conflict and disaster zones. We assure accountability by controlling:

     1) who requires assistance
      2) what can be purchased

Assuring that basic needs are met and funds best utilized 

The types of products that can be purchased with the card are strictly limited. By registering each mom in our database, we are able to track what has been purchased. This includes basic needs like food, pharmaceuticals, baby formula, diapers, creams, etc.

Reporting to donors how funds are spent

Information about what our moms purchase are delivered to Mama Moya by our partner banks who issue the cards, The information is used to produce a regularly upgraded graph as to how the funds have been spent.

Accountability, Efficiencies and Battling Corruption

The challenges of accountability and efficiencies have exposed an ever-growing problem of corruption within large humanitarian agencies.

Bloated bureaucracies; graft; skimming; profiteering; excessive administrative costs; inflated procurement and logistical costs; conflicts of interest and any number of ethical scandals plague countless humanitarian organizations around the world.

Direct financial assistance eliminates the two largest areas of humanitarian assistance susceptible to corruption:

    1) Procurement
    2) Distribution/logistics

Our team of advisors, mentors and partners

 We are a multicultural team of professionals from all corners of the globe with extensive experience in Humanitarian conflict and disaster management.

From logistics; operations and communications; to diplomacy security, IT and finance, our team has experience in Ukraine; Syria; Afghanistan; Israel; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Haiti; Philippines; Congo; Sudan; Ethiopia; Russia and many more countries.

Collectively “we have seen it all”.

War in Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022, Vladimir Putin gave the order for the Russian military to attack Ukraine with a simultaneous cruise missile barrage in every major city across the country.

Within two weeks, over 2.5 million people were forced to flee the country, triggering the greatest humanitarian migration in Europe since WWII.

Children, mothers, grandmothers and millions of innocent people have become victims overnight.


Meet our team

Community Support

Mama Moya supports all vulnerable mothers from all ethnic, spiritual and geographical backgrounds. Our global community of supporters includes spiritual, corporate, governmental and non-governmental  organizations. If your organization is interested in supporting Mama Moya in any way, please contact us at We would be honoured to accept your help and or suggestions.

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